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Meet our MPBT Board Member, Ryan McGuirk

“I am humbled and honored to be given an opportunity to participate on this board and be able to give back in any way to an arts program that has enriched and helped mold my own children and so many others in ways that are immeasurable.”
Ryan McGuirk is the Chief Investigator for the Monterey County District Attorney’s Office and has been a peace officer for over 20 years in Monterey County. Ryan Grew up in Lake Tahoe and found a love for the arts within music playing instruments from the time he was in elementary school. His current passions shifted to working with the community and solving crime. Ryan has had the privilege to work for countless victims and their families to seek justice. After meeting and marrying his wife Katherine, who is too wonderful to put into words, they have an amazing son and daughter who insist on spending as much time as possible at The Dance Center. Ryan enjoys more than anything spending time with his family. While he might have two left feet there is nothing he would not do for his children and had the glorious pleasure of being able to participate in one of the recent productions of The Nutcracker.
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