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Cast List &
Rehearsal Information


2023 Cast List

2023 Rehearsal Schedule

Dancers en pointe MUST arrive 30 min prior to their scheduled rehearsal time to warm up in a safe and adequate manner.  Please be sure all other dancers arrive at least 10 min prior to rehearsal.  All rehearsals will end on time so we do ask for the parent to be on site at the end of the rehearsal.


Rehearsal Hair and Attire Information:


• Female identifying: Pink ballet slippers/pointe shoes, black leotard, pink tights worn under leotard, skirts optional, hair secured in bun where possible.

• Male identifying: Close fitting pants or bike shorts, Fitted t-shirt and black ballet slippers

• Harlequins, Chefs, Junior Chef & Candy Canes: leotard with leggings, bare feet

• Please NO sneakers, sweatpants, sweatshirts, shorts, or t-shirts while dancing as this interferes with the teachers' ability to see if the dancer has the correct positioning and placement.

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