Cast List &
Rehearsal Information



2021 Rehearsal Schedule 

Information we need to pass along to performers and volunteers who are required or would like to have their Covid test completed at Sunset Center on Tuesday 11/30 and Thursday 12/2.


LightSpeed Testing has requested everyone to please pre-register by 11/28/2021 on their website (please click on link below)  

Google Form for all MPBT volunteers present at Sunset Center 11/30-12/5

Rehearsal Hair and Attire Information:


• Girls: Pink ballet slippers/pointe shoes, any color leotard, pink tights worn under leotard, skirts optional, hair secured in bun where possible.

• Boys: Close fitting pants or bike shorts, close fitting shirts and black ballet slippers

• Harlequins & Candy Canes: leotard with leggings, bare feet

• Please NO sneakers, sweatpants, sweatshirts, shorts, or t-shirts while dancing as this interferes with the teachers' ability to see if the dancer has the correct positioning and placement.