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Meet our 2023 Lead Spanish, Amber

Amber- Lead Spanish

Age: 16

10th Grade, Monterey High School

I am excited to grow as a classical dancer as well as a performer this year. This is my first leading role en pointe, and I am beyond excited. In the last year I have found a new and improved love for ballet, so going into the 2023 Nutcracker with Monterey Peninsula Ballet Theater was more nerve racking than ever. I am so thrilled to be able to showcase my hard work and love for this art form with a new passion this year. More importantly, I am thrilled to share this with the audience.

MPBT means so much to me, and the personal impact that the Nutcracker puts on my life has continued to develop for many years now. Ever since 2019, I knew that Nutcracker season was the best season. I am so honored to be surrounded by so much talent from the cast, as well as a phenomenal team. The end result is truly what brings me back year after year. It’s incredible to see all the hard work that gets put into our production, and I am left with such a full heart. MPBT is truly a family that I know I can return to each holiday season.

I have found a sense of safety and familiarity while dancing and performing. Especially in the last year, I have been able to turn to dance like never before. My time inside the studio has helped me discover the dancer I hope to become, as well as become comfortable with my own movement. In the future, I want to further my dance education in college, and spread my passion to others, whether that’s through teaching or choreographing. Not only do I want to educate, but I want to perform myself. Broadway is a large dream of mine; being a dancer on Broadway and tying my love for musical theater, acting, and dancing all in one. But also, performing for contemporary companies around the US (which there are many). I have many passions, and not exactly sure where they will take me, but I trust that I will end up doing what I love: dancing.

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