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Meet our 2023 Lead Reed Pipe- Ella

Ella, Reed Pipe

Age: 17

11th Grade, Carmel High School

I’m so excited to perform such a quintessential ballet role with such recognizable music in Reed Pipes, and in a costume I’ve wanted to wear since I was little! I’m also really looking forward to performing as a Flower for the first time.

MPBT always improves my dancing every year, both with my technique and stamina especially, and also is so valuable in improving how quickly I pick up choreography and musicality, and how to work as a team. It has such a warm and fun atmosphere from both the Christmas season and how we all come together to put on a show, and I couldn’t imagine my year without it!

Dancing and performing have always played such an important role in my life and I’m grateful that I still have one more year of TDC and MPBT. After graduation, I won’t be looking to dance professionally but I’m hoping to dance in college and recreationally after that. One of my biggest dreams has been to teach and coach with dance, and I know I’ll be attending performances wherever I am in life!

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