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Meet Our 2023 Lead Chinese- Audrey

Age: 15

11th Grade, Monterey High School

I am most excited to get to perform at the Sunset Center and get to see all of our hard work pay off. I also always look forward to spending time with my friends during rehearsals and backstage, it’s so exciting to see myself and them grow in this experience. Lastly, I love getting to see all the scenes get put together and how the production ends up looking all together.

I’ve been participating in the MPBT Nutcracker since their first one in 2017, so I’ve grown up with it which makes it so special. The memories I’ve created with it are so important to me and it’s really not the holiday season without Nutcracker. It’s such a memorable time that I get to spend with friends that I love are so special. I also love rewatching each year’s Nutcracker performances and seeing how I’ve grown and changed as a dancer.

Dancing and being able to perform on stage has helped shape me not only as a dancer, but also built my character as a person. I’ve been doing dance and music performances since I was little, so it’s a part of me that I can’t imagine my life without. I hope to gain life lessons and experiences from performing and dance.

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