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Meet Our 2023 Lead Chef, Audrey

Audrey, Lead Chef


8th Grade, Carmel Middle School

I am most excited to be in such a big, fun and exciting scene. This year will not be my first time in Act 2 Mother Ginger Scene and I love how the music cheers up the audience. All together it is such a fun and positive experience and I also love the way that I can improve my performance skills.

I love taking part in MPBT's productions because there are so many positive things I can say towards it. I choose to participate because the Nutcracker has become an annual tradition for me and my family. I have grown so much and have made so many good friends.

Performing has almost always been a part of me. I have danced longer than I can remember and have loved it ever since. One of my dreams is to dance with the Royal Ballet.

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