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Meet our new MPBT Treasure- Camille Reith

Camille Reith, a lifelong dancer, cherishes the memories and relationships formed through her involvement in the performing arts. Beyond technique and choreography, she learned valuable lessons in life balance, time management, dedication, and drive, all while pursuing her passion. Joining MPBT allows her to invest her time and ideas in supporting others on their journey in dance—an art form with countless benefits for all ages. As a mother to two young dancers, Camille is grateful for organizations like MPBT. With a background as a dancer on the Monterey Peninsula, teaching dance in high school, and serving as a lead for the Cal Poly Orchesis Dance Company during her college years, dance has always been a central part of Camille's life. She further pursued her love of movement by becoming a certified Yoga and Pilates Instructor, while also teaching at The Dance Center. Camille, along with her husband Mark, who is an accomplished Ironman Triathlete, prioritizes health, movement, and fostering life balance as a family. As a licensed CPA, Camille has spent the past 17 years running a construction company alongside her brother and father. Additionally, Camille is embarking on her fourth year of homeschooling their children, Iyla and Caden.

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