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Meet our MPBT Board Secretary, Sarah Norbraten

Sarah Norbraten joined the MPBT Board in 2021 as secretary. Sarah feels MPBT provides the community a professional-level environment to partake in the performing arts. She loves seeing the inclusion of dancers with a range of abilities allowing them to flourish in their creativity, confidence building, and discipline. Her daughter, Audrey, joined this production in 2018 and she enjoys fostering new skills and friendships.

Sarah grew up in Monterey and attended Santa Catalina School. After being away at the University of Arizona and graduating from San Diego State University, then working as an Account Executive in the Bay Area designing workspaces and home staging, Sarah was ready to return home. Sarah was the board secretary at Carmel Middle School for a 3-year period, where her children attend. Artistic expression is very important to her family. Sarah’s husband, a retired naval officer who works at NPS and son are passionate about music and gravitate towards guitar and piano. Attending the MPBT’s Nutcracker and seeing Audrey on stage has become a cherished family tradition.

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