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Meet our 2023 Sugar Plum Fairy, Cecilia

Cecilia, Sugar Plum Fairy

Age: 18

12th Grade, Santa Catalina High School

Sugar Plum Fairy has always been a dream of mine to perform, but to say this is all I am looking forward to would be a lie. I am most excited for the new memories I will create with my friends and dancers I meet along the way. As it is my last year performing the Nutcracker with MPBT, I will be trying to savor every last moment as much as I can..

MPBT allows the dancer to set goals for themselves, for instance, I set the goal to become Sugar Plum. At the start of MPBT, I was a lead Chef, garland, and mouse. Now, with the help of the teachers, coaches, and dancers I have achieved my goal. This time of the year also brings back memories of past roles and moments of watching the previous Sugar Plums wondering if one day I would be dancing the same role.

Performing has always been something that I have looked forward to. I want to show little girls and boys that they can do anything if they put their mind into it. I want to show them that it doesn't matter about how short or tall, flexible, or how long you have been dancing, if you enjoy dancing or something else, then keep doing it. My dream and goal for everything is to have fun and savor the moment for I won't get another moment like this with these people again as I will be graduating this coming spring.

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