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Meet Our 2023 Mouse Queen, Lillie

Lillie, Mouse Queen

Age: 15

10th Grade, Yosemite Valley Charter School

I’m most excited to create new friendship bonds with the cast. Nutcracker is always a great experience for me because of the bonds that I create with different people! I always enjoy laughing and smiling with the people around me and it is a great start to the holidays!

Participating in MPBT’s productions mean a lot to me because they help me grow as a dancer. The productions are always a lot of fun and they give me a sense of what dancing on stage at a company might feel like later on! I always look forward to being in the nutcracker all year and am always so excited when the time of year finally comes.

Dancing and performing mean a lot to me; it wasn’t always my passion, and I started dancing pretty late in life, but as I improved and started to create friendships. I realized how much dancing truly means to me. Dancing is my passion and I wouldn’t be here today if it wasn’t for the help of all of my dance teachers! I am so thankful to be a part of this amazing opportunity to perform for all of my friends and family! My goals for dancing and performing is to keep growing as a dancer and as a friend! If I am able to keep growing and become more mature with my dancing then I will feel very accomplished with the hard work I put in! Thank you to everyone who makes this performance possible!

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