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Meet our 2023 Lead Reed Pipe- Rachel

Age: 20

Monterey Peninsula College

I’m most excited for the special opportunity to share my love of ballet with all those who come to watch the performance and perhaps even foster a love and appreciation for ballet in those who haven’t seen a ballet before. After all, it’ll always be somebody’s first Nutcracker!

I participate in the Nutcracker because there’s something incredibly special about working hard on something that you know will metamorphose over the weeks into such a beautiful production. I am always very impressed with every single dancer there, and in all of the hard work and tears that goes into it.

To me, ballet is more than the movement itself and the challenge that it provides—it’s the self expression and meditative aspect that bring me so much joy. When you dance, you are solely focused on ballet and there is a unique kind of freedom that sort of focus. And I love to perform since it is a chance to share this self expression with others and tell a story that is so much bigger than myself.

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