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Meet Our 2023 Lead Chinese, Anna

Updated: Nov 6, 2023

Anna, Lead Chinese

Age: 16

10th Grade, Carmel High School

I am really excited to get to dance with so many kind, talented, and amazing people. Also, I am looking forward to getting to advance my dance and performance skills with a lead role this year.

I love the opportunity MPBT gives dancers to share their passion for the art form with the community. I think the shows inspire an interest and appreciation for Ballet and help keep dance alive. Also, I love how supportive all the people who are part of MPBT are, and how everyone works hard to create such an amazing experience for the audience and all the dancers in it.

Ballet has always brought me so much joy, and I love how performing allows me to share the happiness I feel when I dance with others. One of my goals is to inspire a similar love of dance in others through my performing. I also want to keep the art form alive through the work I do teaching Ballet to young dancers.

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