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Meet our 2023 Lead Chef, JoJo

JoJo, Lead Chef

Age: 13

13th Grade, Santa Catalina School

I am most excited to help out the younger kids in the chef scene.

I participate in the Nutcracker because I enjoy dancing on stage and I also love to be dancing on point. This means that I can do something I enjoy while also being able to help the younger kids in the nutcracker. I have also been performing in the Nutcracker since I was very young and I enjoy learning a new part every Nutcracker.

Dancing and performing means that I can do what I enjoy, like being onstage, while also being able to perform with my friends. Some of my dreams and goals for performing and dancing is to keep participating in the Nutcracker and get a new and higher role every Nutcracker and also to keep dancing even just a few classes when I am older. I would also love to keep dance in my life when I get older by becoming a dance teacher.

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