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Meet our 2023 Grande Pas de Deux and Coda Principle Dancer- Kassia

Kassia, Grande Pas de Deux and Coda

Age: 16

11th Grade, Monterey Peninsula College

I am most excited to be partnering in this year's performance. One of my favorite aspects of my ballet training has been honing my partnering skills. Since this is my first partnering role in the Nutcracker, I feel that I am being challenged on a whole new level. I am also looking forward to the new additions to this year's show, such as Clara's princess transformation into my role of Grand Pas de Deux and Coda. Because I absolutely loved being Clara last year, this will be an exciting opportunity for me to revisit that role but while partnering in a new scene I've never done before.

As I have participated in every one of MPBT's productions, this will be my sixth Nutcracker. Participating in these performances is a culmination of all my hard work throughout the year as a ballerina. It is an annual milestone and celebration of how much I’ve grown from year to year, and I love sharing this experience with some of my closest friends.

While my greatest life goal is to pursue a PhD in chemistry, dancing and performing have been and always will be important to me. Dance is both my artistic and athletic outlet, but it means so much more to me than just that. It is also a community and a lifestyle. The constant push to grow is what inspires me as a person, both inside and outside the studio. So while I don't intend to dance professionally, this passion will always be an integral part of my life.

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