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Meet our 2023 Ballerina Doll- Alice

Age: 17

12th Grade, Robert Louis Stevenson School

I am especially excited for my role this year since it is my senior year, so it will be my final Nutcracker. I am also excited to be a ballerina doll, as I really enjoy being in the party scene. As well as the snow scene again, because the snow falling on stage is always a fun experience for both the audience and everyone on stage.

I participate in MPBT's Nutcracker because I think it's a fun way to spend the holiday season and get in the spirit of things. I also used to go to the San Francisco Ballet's Nutcracker growing up and really enjoyed it so it's very cool that I get to participate in a Nutcracker of my own.

I really enjoy dancing and performing on stage, and it is a unique experience that not everyone gets to have. I hope to continue dancing next year when I go to college.

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