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Dancer Spotlight: Norah: 2019 “Snow Queen”

When I was two years old, I had an amazing experience. I attended my first ballet class and LOVED it! I could wiggle all I wanted and shake out all of my toddler energy. When it was time to perform an Itsy Bitsy Spider dance we had learned I couldn’t wait to… stomp off my shoes and do half of the choreography. In time, dancing (especially ballet) became my biggest passion. I would not be where I am as a dancer if not for my incredible teachers: Laura Lobo, Laura Jeselnick, Maryann DeAngelis, Pam Keindl, Harmony True, and Tia Brown.

Not all of my life has been as fantastic as that carefree recital. Juggling my schoolwork, volunteering at the Aquarium, and dancing fills up a huge part of my week. When the stress of the sheer amount of activities I participate in starts to become overwhelming, I turn to dance to express my emotions and dance all of my stress away. Channeling my stress into my art form has really helped me control my anxiety about school and volunteering.

Another aspect of my life that has been greatly affected by dance is my shyness. As a little girl, meeting new people, having a new teacher, and auditioning for a team, made me feel really nervous and usually caused me to not take those incredible opportunities. Thanks to my amazing Dance Center and Monterey Pennisula Ballet Theatre families I have overcome those fears and have learned how to use dance to express how hard those auditions, meeting new people, and learning from a new teacher, are for me.

This year I am so honored to be stepping into the role of Snow Queen. It has been a dream of mine to one day perform this role and I am thrilled that this dream will be coming true! I can’t wait to be part of the party scene as one of Clara’s Friends and also as a Flower in the Land of Sweets! All I hope to do is bring a smile to at least one shy little girl in the audience that may one day step onto the stage and shine.

I live with my magnificent mother who is always making sure to get me to classes and rehearsals on time, my amazingly committed father who always loves to reprise his role of the man behind the Christmas tree, my loving and supportive little brother Evan, and my adorable dog Max. This is the dream that a two-year-old, in pigtails that stomped off her ballet shoes, never imagined coming true.

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