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Dancer Spotlight: Andrea: 2019 “Clara”

One year ago I joined The Dance Center, excited to take on a new challenge and meet new people but at the same time, I was very nervous and shy. Shortly after joining the studio, Nutcracker season came around and I got to join MPBT. I was ecstatic to perform but when taking on many new things, schoolwork started to pile up and I had to learn time management. I was often stressed over homework, school, and other activities but persevered so that I could use every spare moment in time to dance.

I’m glad I learned perseverance and time management because MPBT’s Nutcracker was an amazing experience, I made many friends and learned how to play a part with confidence. I am so grateful to have found MPBT because they have given me many opportunities. Last year they helped me learn partnering skills and give back to the community through dance in special events. Their love and support has pushed me as a dancer and has helped me find my style in dance. This past year at TDC has prepared me for my role as Clara this year in the Nutcracker! I am super excited to play this role and I can’t wait to have this opportunity to learn and grow as a dancer.

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