1. Please download, print, read, and sign: 2018 Code of Conduct
  2. Please download, print, read, and sign: 2018 Consent Acknowledgement and Waiver
  3. Please download, print, read, and sign: 2018 Costume Understanding
  4. Please download, print, read, and sign: Liability Waiver Form
  5. Please download, print, read, and sign: 2018 Medical Waiver
  6. Adult Participants, please download, print, fill out and return:2018 Adult Code of Conduct
  7. Please download, print, fill out and return:2018 Lobby release form
  8. Please download, print, fill out and return: 2018 Cast T-shirt Order Form
  9. If you would like to purchase a t-shirt, sweatshirt, hoodie, or 1/2 zip jacket they are available for purchase for family and cast members.  PLEASE DOWNLOAD THIS FORM TO ORDER:2018 Additional Clothing Order Form



School Release Request



Please return all forms in an envelope:

Drop off- The Dance Center Front Desk, Attn: Tia Brown

Mail to- MPBT, 225 The Crossroads Blvd, #253, Carmel, CA 93923

Email to – info@mpballettheatre.org

Please return all documentation by September 1, 2018.

Please click here to sign up for parent volunteer hours through signup genius.

If you have any additional questions, please contact Yvette Berlanga, Parent Volunteer Coordinator, info@mpballettheatre.org.

Dear MPBT Parents,

Please see the links below for performance-related paperwork.

  1.  You will find a theater release form for your child (if 12 and up), if you would like for them to have an automatic release through to the lobby after the shows on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.  You will still need to place dancer’s belongings in the car for them to attend the Cast Wrap Party in Studio 105.  Reminder the only available entrance will be on Mission Street outside.
  2. We have also created a School Release Request for the Friday Morning Arts Outreach Performance.  Please feel free to print, fill out, and send to your dancer’s school.
  3. If you are an adult volunteer or adult participant in the production please see the note from our Board President below.  We will have printed copies for you to sign upon arrival at Sunset Center.

Thank you for your patience, support, and love,



Dear Parents:


Our second production of The Nutcracker has gotten off to a fantastic start.  Rehearsals are going very well and we appreciate all your patience as we continue to grow and develop our program.


All cast members continue to be fit for their costumes and some have started going home.The next step in costuming is to give you the hair, makeup, legwear and shoe details.  Each part is listed in a table on our website under “Performance and Events > Costume Details.”  Please review the information closely to be sure you understand what your child will need for his or her performance, paying special attention to the specific brand and color of tights.


As a fellow parent who’s had the benefit of having both of my children (Macy and Ceci) in the Nutcracker as well as other performances, I thought I’d share a few extra details that might make things easier for some of our newer performers and their parents:

  • Two pairs (or more) of tights are highly recommended as the children will be wearing them for multiple performances and this will guard against accidental holes appearing on stage, as well as greatly reduce the number of laundry loads for the week!! They can be purchased at Zearly.
  • If your child is to wear a bun, all hair should be gelled straight back (no part) and stubborn wisps tamed with bobby pins and then sprayed! Most children have more than one hair accessory so hair should be well in place to reduce movement when we change out accessories.  Buns should be covered with a hairnet.  Bun-makers are great aides for shorter-haired children as well as for those of us that are bun-challenged!  Bun-makers and nets can be purchased at Zearly, CVS, H&M and Claire’s.
  • I highly recommend the Bunhead Bunpins – they’re “industrial” strength and come in various lengths. You’ll find these at Zearly, Discount Dance or Amazon.
  • Please send your child to the theatre in a button up shirt or zippered sweatshirt – nothing that will have to be removed by pulling over the wonderful hairstyle you worked so hard on!
  • A zippered garment bag with your child’s name written clearly on front and back will help your little one identify his/her costumes and keep organized in the dressing room.
  • Please make sure that ALL costume pieces and personal items are labeled with your dancer’s name. If your costume accidentally came home without a label, we ask that you write your dancer’s name on a small piece of masking tape and secure it to the inside neck of the costume.  Again, every piece should be labeled as there are multiple pieces.
  • A small zip-lock bag with a bunch of extra bobby pins and their lipstick (all make-up should be applied at home except lipstick which will be put on after they dress into costume) is very helpful for all dancers to have on hand!
  • Please leave all necklaces, bracelets, and earrings at home (unless ears have very recently been pierced). In addition to jewelry being a safety issue, we’d like to avoid any possible loss of precious items!  Also, no nail polish (or toe polish for those dancing barefoot).
  • Consider taking your child’s photo in costume before dress rehearsal – once the costumes arrive at the theatre, they will not be going home again.
  • Please take a few minutes to chat with your child about keeping all of their costume items in their bag (my rule is if it’s not on your body, it’s in your bag!) to reduce missing pieces and hectic searches. Also, positive dressing room etiquette is encouraged – help your fellow dancer, do not share make-up, be respectful when they or someone else is changing, and soft voices are greatly appreciated!


I think that about covers it for my “mom” tips!  Please feel free to reach out to me, Tammy Stickler, Vera McCarthy or Yvette Ocampo.  We’ve all had the privilege of having our children in a production of the Nutcracker so we’re happy to help and one of us will be present at all tech week rehearsals as well as performances.


Happy dancing!

Joan Yu

MPBT Director of Operations