Dear MPBT Parents,

Please see the links below for performance-related paperwork.

  1.  You will find a theater release form for your child (if 12 and up), if you would like for them to have an automatic release through to the lobby after the shows on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.  You will still need to place dancer’s belongings in the car for them to attend the Cast Wrap Party in Studio 105.  Reminder the only available entrance will be on Mission Street outside.
  2. We have also created a School Release Request for the Friday Morning Arts Outreach Performance.  Please feel free to print, fill out, and send to your dancer’s school.
  3. If you are an adult volunteer or adult participant in the production please see the note from our Board President below.  We will have printed copies for you to sign upon arrival at Sunset Center.

Thank you for your patience, support, and love,


A letter from Joe Cusenza, Monterey Peninsula Ballet Theatre’s Board President

Dear Parents and Volunteers:

On behalf of the Monterey Peninsula Ballet Theatre’s Board, I would like to say thank you for all your hard work and dedication! I understand from Tia that the show is looking fantastic, no small thanks to all of you! As you may know, MPBT is breaking new ground on many levels. We have established an incredible non-profit that supports children of all ages and abilities in a multitude of theatre-related aspects. The costumes, scenery, and sets that have been designed and constructed over the past eleven months, and now await their debut, are beyond compare. And most of all, the exuberance and joy visible on the children’s faces as they enter rehearsals is overwhelming!

It is because of all these magical accomplishments that I need to ask you to help me protect what we have all worked so hard to bring about. As a Board, we have done everything we can to follow the rule book on establishing and maintaining a non-profit. We have been extra vigilant and now we are asking for your support in continuing this vigilance. Please review our Code of Conduct, sign and return it to Tia or upon entry to Sunset Center. This document is to bring us together so we can all work off the same page of expectations and understanding as we move into our tech week and performances.

I appreciate your understanding and thoughtfulness as you review the document and if you have any questions I’m sure that Tia or Joan can answer them. Also, please know that a Board member will be present backstage at all times should you run into any issues or have questions.

Thank you again for your time, enthusiasm and understanding as we look forward to a fantastic production and opening night!

Joe Cusenza


Monterey Peninsula Ballet Theatre



School Release Request

Release into Lobby

Letter from Board President to Volunteers and Adult Performers

Adult Code of Conduct